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SEO industry, like any other profession, has its own professional terminology and jargon. Often in blogs, forums, and even in personal communication from a SEO specialist you can hear words that do not speak much to an uninitiated person. Often such terminology and jargon seo experts are trying to "inflate" their importance and "pull the wool over eyes" of the customers of services. But be that as it may, many terms are firmly entrenched in the culture of communication and professional environment of SEO specialists.

This glossary of meanings of words and expressions used by SEO specialists, Internet marketing specialists, SMM specialists and even webmasters during the creation and promotion of sites. This is a kind of SEO WIKI dictionary.

By knowing the SEO terminology a specialist can express his thoughts better and more accurately, and a person who is far away from website promotion will be easier to understand what he is talking about when speaking to such a specialist, or correctly interpret the meanings of words in articles and messages on thematic resources