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Technical SEO audit

A comprehensive manual technical site audit based on the author's own checklist, which contains over 200 parameters to check the internal optimisation of the site.

What do you get?

  1. An audit in the  Google Sheets format that listing all the problems with the site point by point.
  2. Comments on the criticality of the problem and how to fix it.
  3. Additional tabs with detailed data and examples of errors.
  4. The audit quality assurance, written support and advice within 7 days on the audit (I will explain if something is not clear)

What is not included in this service?

  1. A lot of unnecessary water and abundance of SEO terms for the sake of increasing the number of pages of the audit
  2. Backlinks analysis, competitors, audience metrics, traffic and all that concerns external optimization. For a comprehensive analysis of internal and external SEO problems I recommend ordering a comprehensive SEO audit

The cost of technical audit

  1. 50$ - for single-page sites (landing pages)
  2. 100$ - for info sites (blogs) (maximum 50 000 pages for analysis)
  3. 150$ - for online shops, catalogues, service sites, forums (max 50 000 pages for analysis)
  4. Agreed - Each site is unique and it is difficult to standardize everything by a single price template. I am always open to dialogue and consideration of individual prices for each individual case.

How to order?

Just send me email to:

  1. Email:

For work I need:

  1. Describe the problems with the site, why you need a technical audit?
  2. URL - site address
  3. Guest access to Google Search Console
  4. Bonus: If your site is based on CMS Drupal - access to the admin panel. Will audit the technical settings of CMS