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Data Scraping

Data Extraction service of any publicly available data on the WEB.

Example of data for scraping

  1. Competitors' prices
  2. Advertising in search results
  3. Google, Bimg, Yahoo search results
  4. YouTube search results
  5. Email addresses
  6. Any publicly accessible fields and content elements of any public website
  7. Scraping of data from public groups on Telegram
  8. Other public data by individual order

Format of results

In most cases, data extraction results are transferred in the form of Exel (CSV, XML) or Google Sheets tables. In some cases, it may not be tabular data, but separate files like images, or html, txt files


  1. Since most of all scraping results are stored in tabular data (Excel or Google spreadsheet), the price of the parsing is calculated depending on the number of data cells in the table.
  2. The minimum order price is 20 USD, which includes the volume from 1 to 5000 cells with data.
  3. All data more than 5000 cells is calculated at 0.004 cents for each cell with data

Keep in mind!

The price of the scraping depends on many factors and may vary depending on the complexity of the task, the volume, the option of saving the received data, the number of sources for parsing, etc. Therefore, the final cost and terms of execution will be possible to determine only after a detailed discussion of the technical task.

To order scraping, please fill the form below. In the form, describe in as much detail as possible what you need to parse, from where, format you need the result, and other details.

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