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Complete SEO audit

A comprehensive audit includes checking the technical state of the site (internal optimisation) as well as external factors (external optimisation) such as link mass, presence of search engine filters, reputation, comparative analysis with competitors, etc.

The audit is carried out on the author's checklist which contains over 250 check parameters, so the chance of missing any error is extremely small.

What you get from this report?

  1. An audit in the format of Google Sheets listing all the internal and external optimization issues.
  2. Comments on the criticality of the problem and how to fix it.
  3. Additional tabs that include detailed data and examples of errors
  4. Quality assurance, written support and advice within seven days after the audit (I will explain if something is not clear)

What you don`t get form the audit?

  1. Superfluous words and SEO terms for the sake of more audit pages
  2. Analysis and gathering of the semantic core
  3. Niche analysis, detailed analysis of competitors
  4. Analysis of advertising campaigns
  5. SEO audit does not include correction of detected errors and implementation of recommendations

The cost of a comprehensive audit

100$ -250$ - depending on site, number of pages, urgency, etc.

How to order?

  1. Email:

To work I need:

  1. Describe the problems with the site, why you need an audit, what do you want as a result?
  2. URL - site address
  3. Guest access to Google Search Console
  4. Guest access to Google Analytics
  5. 3 competitor's websites (optional)
  6. Bonus: If your site is based on Drupal CMS - access to the admin panel. I will audit technical settings of CMS