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You can add guest posts on this blog to promote your ideas, services, products, etc. Here are some rules and requirements for the posts:

  1. The article must be unique and relevant to this blog, (SEO, SMM, monetisation, website advertising, marketing, web development, useful services and software, etc.)
  2. Articles about gambling, illegal methods of making money or scams will not be accepted
  3. Advertisements, mentions, recommendations to promote Russian services, tools, authors, etc. are no longer accepted
  4. I do not write articles, only ready-to-publish materials are accepted


First and foremost, authors' articles that are genuinely useful to readers and will be helpful in revealing the chosen topic are accepted. I'm not really interested in filling my blog with anything, I'm not chasing every dollar, because first of all this blog was not made to sell links or articles from it. Interesting guest posts are therefore posted here for free. But each case is different and is negotiated personally, and here are some restrictions:

  1. If the article is really interesting, has an author to be mentioned in the article, has some research and is not overtly promotional - it`s published in the guest posts section absolutely free. Includes one dofollow link to a site, that does not violate the points above. Other links in the article will be with rel="nofollow". If you want other links to be DoFollow - additional payment of 20 USD for each following dofollow link.
  2. If an article reads and looks like an advertisement, focused primarily on advertising a product or service, does not have any weighty research value, the article is written ostensibly on behalf of the author of the blog (looks like I recommend it) - it is published in the 'Press releases' section. Placement is paid and amounts to 50 USD. It includes one dofollow link. For each other dofollow link +20USD

How to order and publish

Just email me:

To publish a guest post, I need the following from you

  1. A file with the text of the post (word, link to Google Docs, or however you like)
  2. Images for the article (preferably each one separately in an application or as a link to a cloud service)
  3. Metatags preferences
  4. Photo, name and a short description about the author of the article (to be displayed at the top and at the bottom of the article)
  5. Wishes under what conditions the article will be posted (guest or press release)
  6. Other

What`s next?

  1. I look at the article, decide which condition the article fits into
  2. I am writing to you with an answer as to whether I can post it, under what conditions (1 or 2 "cost" items) and when I can post it
  3. If everything is agreed I will post within the agreed time frame
  4. Sending you an email with a link to the article to check
  5. Pay if the article has been posted for a fee (PayPal)