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Oleksandr Zinchenko

Author of this blog. In SEO for over 10 years. In addition to SEO, I am interested in everything related to technology and earnings on the Internet, which I try to share with readers.

So, I'm from the generation of 80s, for many people I am already an old man:), in IT I came quite late for a variety of reasons, from lack of computers in my childhood and adolescence, to the pursuit of other occupations. But it happened in 2008, and since 2010 I have been actively engaged in work related to the creation, and in recent years promotion of websites.

I started with the desire to have a website, which led to the study and creation of websites, first in Notepad, then in Dreamweaver, and then in popular CMS, such as PHPBB, Joomla, Wordpress, then Drupal, but then carried away more than site development, and their promotion, which has become my main specialization in the IT field.

Since 2013 I am working in one of the Kharkiv companies as SEO-optimizer. In my spare time I`m work on promoting the sites of my own old, and new clients, and of cource my own projects. Large amount of work with websites on various subjects and the diversity of tasks set helps me never stand still, explore new areas and niches in SEO, experiment, gain experience, as I'm sharing in this blog.

The path of SEO optimizer is closely intertwined with other areas of IT such as WEB development, programming, Internet marketing, social networks and even psychology (social more), therefore in my blog I will share my knowledge not only on SEO but also on related disciplines. In particular, working very closely with CMS Drupal, I've accumulated a lot of experience working with this "engine". Also, given that I have humanitarian background (which is so disliked in IT), and social educator / psychologist by profession, I will sometimes pay attention to the subject of psychology on the Internet.

I hope you will find what I am writing about interesting and useful, and maybe someone will be able to avoid the mistakes, that I did

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