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How to get first rank on Telegram search?

The popularity of Telegram channels is now so great that, just like in Google and other search engines, the question arises of ranking this channels on Telegram search .

Of course, the specifics of running a channel on Telegram is significantly different from running a website, and it is worth noting that searching on Telegram does not take the first and main place when promoting your resource as it is with sites and search engines, but there are still topics and a certain number of people who still search for the page they need through the search for "messenger", so you should not neglect this channel to get more subscribers.

How does the ranking on Telegram search work?

  • Crawling is the first thing that the Telegram search engine does. All groups, channels and bots are in the Telegram database.Telegram search algorithms crawl or collect and store all these public (not private) channels, groups, bots and information.
  • In the second stage, we have indexing. In this part, Telegram search robots place content into different categories based on specific topics and keywords. Here, all Telegram channels, groups and bots crawled by the search engine are categorized by relevant topics and keywords.
  • The third and last stage, also the most important, is the ranking. The data indexed by it is ranked based on specific factors, which we will discuss later, and shown to users on the results pages or search results.

The most important elements for ranking on Telegram

After the above stages of sorting and processing information, it's time to see which elements of channels are taken into account when ranking in the search for Telegram itself

It is very important for you to know that if you want to be shown on Telegram search results, your channel or group must be public, not private.

Be careful and make sure your channel or group is public, it can be crawled and ranked by Telegram algorithms.

1. Telegram channel name

One of the most important factors that affect Telegram search engine ranking is the channel name. You need to optimize the name of your Telegram channel based on the keywords you are aiming to rank for. For example, if "SEO" is your target keyword, you should use this keyword in the name of your Telegram channel.

It is also worth noting that the minimum word length for searching on Telegram is 4 letters. Take this into account when planning the channel name

2. Description.

Perhaps the most important factor for Telegram ranking algorithms after the name is the channel description. Include in your channel description the most important keywords you want to be found for on Telegram search and try to keep your description simple and clear.

3. The age of your channel

Also one of the most important factors for search engine ranking algorithms and Telegram search itself.The age and constant development of the channel over time will work better and better for your channel's ranking.

4. The quality of the content of your Telegram channel

Quality matters everywhere. If you want to get positions for target keywords in the global search rankings of the Telegram search engine, follow these steps:

  1. Try to SEO optimize the content of your posts based on your target keywords and solve real problems of your channel's target audience in each post.
  2. Keep your channel relevant with new posts. Content updates combined with high quality are two very important factors for ranking algorithms.
  3. Create a structure for your Telegram posts by adding tags to your posts. This way, you will not only have fully optimized posts on the channel, but also help algorithms to better crawl and rank your content on the results pages or search results.

5. Subscribers

It is an obvious, but still a fact: the more real and active subscribers you have on Telegram, the more popular and famous your content and channel will be. It is important that the subscribers are active and real, and not dead souls obtained through cheating methods.

If you have 100,000 subscribers, and 1000 views, and shares and comments / likes and other interactions with content in general a dozen, then it is clear that the subscribers are cheated and are not a real live audience of the channel. The higher the envelope of interactions of subscribers with publications, the better. For channels, this indicator is called ER.

According to Telemetr, the average ER in the market is 29%, this is the value for all channels, which is gained in 5 days.

6. Channel link

Direct inclusion of the desired keyword in the channel link in many cases gives a plus when building search results by channel.


By creating a Telegram channel, you should not neglect the basic things and settings that the functionality of the Telegram messenger currently allows, but still it should be understood that by following only the above tips, you are unlikely to gain much success in building the channel's audience, this requires an integrated approach that includes both "white" and "gray" methods of attracting new subscribers to the channel, which is worth writing more than one separate post.





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