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Long-tail keywords

The theory used to explain that while a majority of search traffic results from a small percentage of keywords (the head) there millions of unique keywords that make up a significant volume of search traffic in aggregate (the tail)

Long-tail keywords got their name from their position on the “search demand” curve. If we plot all search queries that people have performed in Google in the course of a month and order them by their search volumes

Why are Long Tail Keywords Important For SEO?

There are two main reasons that you might want to focus on long tail keywords:

  1. Long tail keywords aren’t that competitive. When it comes to SEO, long tails are MUCH less competitive than shorter “head terms”.
  2. Long tail keywords have high conversion rates. Long tail searches aren’t just longer.They’re also more specific.In other words:People that search for long tail terms tend to be much further along in the buying cycle compared to folks searching for head terms.