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Tail Terms

Keywords phrases usually 3 or more keywords in length that garner a small volume of search traffic but are much more valuable because they provide a better qualified traffic than head terms.

Types of Tail Terms

  1. Short tail terms (fat heat) are generally the most effective way to drive visitors at the top of the buying funnel to your site. These terms only contain between 1 and 3 words, such as ‘handbags’, or ‘designer handbags’. This type of keyword tends to garner high search volumes – for example, designer handbags sees a whopping 74,000 searches every month.
  2. Medium-tail keywords (chunky middle)  are moderately competitive key terms consisting of two to three words, for example, ‘leisure centres manchester’. Medium-tail keywords are great because they are more specific than short-tail keywords, meaning they’re less competitive… but they still have more search volume than long-tail keywords..
  3. Long tail keywords are very specific and usually contain more than 3 individual words. They also have very low competition and search volume. Ranking highly for a specific keyword with low search volume doesn’t move the needle much in terms of traffic to your site.