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Head Terms (Head keywords)

Head Terms in SEO - phrases more generic in nature (usually 1-2 keywords long) that garner significant amount of search engine traffic, but provide little return

For example, if you have a pet supplies business, the term “pet supplies”, along with large subcategories like “pet food”, “pet toys”, and even slightly more specific terms like “dog harnesses” could all be head terms that you target with your SEO strategy (in this example, the most common type of page that you would optimize for these would be product category pages to capture users who are ready to purchase)

The term “head keyword” comes from the relationship between high volume search words and low volume keywords that have gotten the name “long-tail” keywords. In keyword research and in the search marketing world head-and-tail keywords have come to describe the spectrum of search words.

Longtail keywords

Longtail keywords are search queries with 3+ words that have low search volume but are much more specific in intent and are far less competitive. Head Keywords on the other hand might only be 1 keyword or two at most. A super simple search engine entry that people use just to get their search session pointed in the right direction. The truth is that most websites will have a huge portion of their traffic come from long-tail keywords. In fact, in many cases these keywords can be more valuable because they’re much easier to obtain, easier to get on page 1 for, and because they’re more likely to lead to a transaction or revenue.

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