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A-Parser - a multi-threaded parser of search engines, site assessment services, keywords, content(text, links, random data) and much more(youtube, pictures, translators...). A-Parser combines over 60 parsers in total!

A-Parser solves the routine tasks when obtaining, processing and arranging data required for:

  • SEO-optimization of websites and Web-analytics
    • The collection link databases for XRumer, A-Poster, AllSubmitter, ZennoPoster, and many more!
    • Rating websites and domains across the specified parameters
    • Monitoring the position of numerous websites across multiple search engines
    • Collection of text, images and video content for generating gateway websites (doorways)
    • Backlink monitoring
    • Collecting information from websites (e.g. phone/emails, forum messages, adverts...)
    • Obtaining and assessing keywords
    • Collecting and compiling backlink lists
    • ..and much more!
  • Web security
    • Obtaining and filtering link databases by footprints
    • Determination of website CMS
    • Formation of arbitrary GET and POST requests with simultaneous answer filtration
  • Network administration
    • DNS - resolving domains to IP addresses
    • WHOIS - obtaining domain name-servers and the dates when each domain was registered and becomes available


A-parser license is purchased once with the possibility of upgrading and updates for an additional fee. Each license allows you to install A-Parser on a server and use its interface remotely. But only one user can work with one instance of the parser at a time.


A-Parser Lite
A-Parser Pro
A-Parser Enterprise
Supported Parsers SE::Google and SE::Yandex All 90+ parsers All 90+ parsers
Task Queue
Task Editor
Query Substitution
Query Builder
Unique results
Filtering results
Result Constructor
Formatting Results
Creating your own parsers
JavaScript parsers
Parser control via API
Supported OS Windows, Linux and FreeBSD Windows, Linux and FreeBSD Windows, Linux and FreeBSD
License for A-Parser For life For life For life
Free updates 3 months 6 months 6 months
Technical support
Bonus proxies