Skip to main content is an online service that allows you to effectively analyze competitors' websites for their requests, search results, positions, etc. The service presents a number of tools divided into modules that will allow not only to analyze competitors, but also to work out the semantics of your sites


  1. Semantic core. A module that allows you to quickly and conveniently create a semantic core for a website or an advertising campaign using tree structures and automatic clustering.
  2. Supplementary phrases - the system will analyze all documents in search results and contextual advertising displayed by the original phrase, build a list of those phrases for which the same documents are ranked in high positions.
  3. Keyword expansion - allows you to get a list of complementary phrases
  4. Top Highlighting is a tool that allows you to visually assess the similarities of search results for several queries.
  5. Mass query validation - getting keyword parameters from the list
  6. List comparison - compare lists of keywords to get a unique list
  7. Keyword combo - create a list of thousands of keywords in a couple of minutes
  8. Clearing implicit duplicates- a list of key phrases that will be reduced to the most likely semantic form
  9. Isolation of unique words -list of unique words from the list of key phrases
  10. Compare sites - using this report, you can visually compare several sites in terms of key coverage for each site, view lists of common domain queries, get exclusive lists of site queries.
  11. Batch analysis - a tool that allows you to get a pivot table with all the data for the specified domains.
  12. Share of competitors by phrases - a tool that allows you to determine the shares of competitors in the top
  13. Site Topics - a tool that allows you to get N requests (up to 50) for each page of the specified domain that match the specified parameters
  14. List of page requests
  15. Dictionary extension by page - a tool that allows you to find missing words
  16. Dictionary of words by pages - a tool that allows you to quickly prepare a technical task for a text, figure out which words must be present on a new page of your site.