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Ahrefs was founded by Dmitry Gerasimenko in 2010. The company operates the biggest commercial Web crawler called AhrefsBot that constantly adds and updates links in its 12 trillion link database.Ahrefs' main tool, Site Explorer, is used to analyze backlinks and search traffic of any website or URL. It allows users to uncover new link building and keyword opportunities and reverse-engineer SEO tactics that work for their competitors.

Ahrefs Tools:

  1. Site Explorer - a detailed check of all the backlinks of your site or a competitor's site with details on anchors, topics, trust, growth rates, etc.
  2. Anchors - site anchor list analyzer with the ability to export to an Excel table
  3. Position analysis - allows you to search for the positions of your site in search engines that are currently in the top
  4. Domain Comparison - compare up to 5 domains and more

In 2019, Gerasimenko announced Ahrefs would be building a search engine to compete with Google. The main differentiator would be a focus on privacy similar to DuckDuckGo and profit sharing, with 90% of profits would go to publishers of the indexed content.[11]Reactions to the announcement were generally positive. Some search marketers expressed skepticism due to the focus on the search engine's publishers rather than users.