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Frase IO

Frase IO is a content generator that helps to quickly create texts using artificial intelligence. You just need to set the topic of the article, or insert text fragments, and the system will analyze the search results to create the most effective SEO text.

Frase offers solutions for the entire content workflow, not just for individual parts of it. Frase's individual tools and features help with research, outlining, writing and optimization. The tool is already loved by many professionals from all over the world who have to constantly generate new content.

Importantly, Frase uses its own technology, not technology that is leased to companies such as IBM or Google. When analyzing competitors, it focuses on the top 20 search results, not the entire Internet, which leads to better results and analysis.

What languages does Frase IO support?

Frase Content supports multilingual text optimization in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Danish.


Frase has a number of powerful features and it is more than just an AI tool. It will help you with your entire content creation workflow. This includes everything from content planning and AI content generation to optimization and monitoring. 

  1. Automated content briefs
  2. Content scoring
  3. Content editor
  4. Easy to share documents
  5. Setting up project status
  6. Team project folders
  7. Integration with Google Search Console
  8. Custom templates
  9. Headline generator.
  10. Content optimization for SEO based on SERP analysis
  11. Articles based on your plan.
  12. Keywords weight and competition

The tool will be useful not only for SEO, but also for:

  1. Content managers
  2. Writers
  3. For agencies
  4. Freelancers
  5. Small business owners and more

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The service has three paid plans with a 5-day trial period for only $1

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For an additional $35/month, you can get an unlimited number of artificially generated characters, as well as other premium features from the apps