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CapMonster 2

CapMonster 2 – most powerful software for recognizing captchas. Software package for recognizing captchas developed basing on most advanced OCR algorithms.

  • CapMonster 2 can save you thousands of dollars on manual captcha recognition services.
  • The unique algorithm is an order of magnitude superior to all existing analogues in terms of quality and speed of captcha recognition.
  • Easy to connect to most programs and scripts that require captcha recognition.
  • The program contains a database of supported captchas, which is updated all the time.
  • CapMonster 2 has tremendous performance and is able to recognize up to several million captchas per day on a regular computer.
  • You can easily teach the program to recognize almost any captcha you need, which are not yet in the database.

The application is paid and has three types of annual licenses:

  1. Lite - $37
  2. Standard - $57
  3. Professional - $97


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