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BlueChip Backlinks

BlueChip Backlinks is an online tool by Terry Kyle for finding drop domains for further use as PBN, 301 redirects, starting new projects and other SEO tasks.

  1. LOWER your SEO PBN costs by 90-95%
  2. Find Great Expired Domains That You Can RESELL For 5-20X The Price You Paid For Them
  3. Easily Find Great Domains In Your Niches That NOBODY OWNS (Register/Own Them For $5-$11 Each)
  4. Then Rebuild Those Sites On Autopilot From (UNLIMITED Rebuilds Allowed)
  5. Get IMMEDIATE Access To Over 3,000 Expired Domains With Wikipedia Backlinks ($5-$11 Each)
  6. Get IMMEDIATE Access To Over 1,000 Expired Domains With CNN Backlinks ($5-$11 Each)
  7. We Routinely Find $5-$11 Domains With Links From Reuters, Yellow Pages, HubSpot etc etc
  8. Industrial-Scale SEO Software That Gives You The UNFAIR Advantage Of The World's Biggest SEO Agencies!
  9. Access Over 5000+ Quality Trustflow 10+ Expired Domains Available To Buy For Just The Registration Cost Instantly On Joining!


  1. BCB Software Monthly Pro Subscription $99.99/m
  2. BCB Software Special Monthly Pro Subscription $500.00/m

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