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Hilltop Algorithm

The Hilltop algorithm is an algorithm used to find documents relevant to a particular keyword topic in news search. Created by Krishna Bharat while he was at Compaq Systems Research Center and George A. Mihăilă University of Toronto, it was acquired by Google for use in its news results in February 2003

The primary goal of Hilltop Algorithm was identifying authoritative digital pages to help with page ranking. The algorithm is a model that worked together with PageRank to identify the pages that are authoritative and expert.

Hilltop identifies the authoritative website pages by first selecting the “expert pages.” Expert pages mean the pages that are specific to particular topics that linked to a lot of other websites. Once the expert pages are selected, Google goes ahead to identify the highest quality sites to rank.

The assumption employed here is that the number and quality of the sources pointing to a page is a good measure of the pages’ quality. The main difference is the fact that the primary target is picking the “expert” sources designed to assist directing visitors towards a specific resource.

The notion of being the connectivity algorithm implies they are link-based algorithm. A good example is PageRank. PageRank helps to propagate PageRank in the entire website and further ranks the pages. The algorithm helps to pick expert pages first in order to narrow down to the authoritative pages that should be ranked high in search engine result pages.

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