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Can H1 be used more than once on a page?

The rule of one H1 heading is usually perceived as something terrible, and if there are two H1 headings on the page, then this can be a reason for a ban, penalties etc. But that's far from the case, and here's why.

Google about two or more H1 headings

Google definitely does not consider multiple H1 headings a critical error, here's what Matt Katz has to say about it:

From the above it can be summed up that one H1 on the page cannot be considered a mistake. There are more than enough examples where a site with more than one H1 ranks high on Google, which may indicate that the search engine cares about content, not the validity of html.

The general rule is to use headings for their intended purpose, that is, to highlight page headings and break up text into logical sections. This applies to all headings tags, and H1 is no exception. How many times a particular heading tag will be repeated is secondary in this case.


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