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About journal

Hello dear reader. My name is Alexander and this is my personal blog about search engine optimization. You can read more about me here.

This site was originally created as a cheat sheet for myself. In order not to forget the terminology, I have created a section of the glossary of SEO terms, in order not to lose sight of all the interesting SEO programs, a section with the tools was created, and for beginners to have something to read and recommend was created a book section.

I share my personal experiences and interesting articles on my blog, where I write not only about SEO, but about everything related to website development, promotion and, in general, about making money online.

Unfortunately, in the world of SEO there are not many bright events and news, I do not see the point in duplicating everything that is already published by hundreds of different SEO blogs and forums. I write as my own interesting ideas, observations and new experiences come in, so the articles do not come out as often as I'd like them to.

Always open for communication and new professional contacts. Have a great UPs!