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CS Yazzle

CS Yazzle (Yazl) is a program designed to facilitate the work of SEO specialists in the process of promoting sites in Yandex and Google search engines. At the moment, CS Yazzle has 27 SEO tools that allow you to:

  • Collecting and analyzing the link mass of competing sites, as well as calculating budgets for search promotion
  • Determining site positions according to a given list of queries in search engines Yandex,  Google
  • Adding a site or specified pages to the index of Google, Yandex, Mail
  • Selection of keywords and phrases for search promotion of your site
  • Budget estimation based on reference aggregators Wizard.Sape, Webeffector, SEOPult, Rookee
  • Checking backlinks to the site for a number of parameters with the ability to download data from SAPE, Linkfeed, SetLinks, MainLink
  • Determining the most suitable (relevant) pages for website promotion
  • Batch definition of indicators of given sites or pages
  • Checking the uniqueness of arbitrary texts (site pages)
  • Assessing the competition of queries by algorithm
  • Getting a list of indexed pages for a given site
  • Getting a list of sites hosted on a given IP address
  • Page text analysis, keyword density, occurrence in title, h1-h6, etc.
  • Analysis of internal and external links on the page (including nofollow and noindex)
  • The ability to collect search suggestions in Google and Yandex
  • Ping service batch notification of new pages
  • Quick analysis of sites from the top ten by a variety of parameters
  • Definition of mirrors of the specified site in the RU domain zone
  • Quick comprehensive site evaluation by a large number of parameters
  • Uploading links from the Yandex webmaster panel with the ability to group by site
  • Building a sitemap with a forecast of possible income in SAPE
  • Checking pages for gluing in the Google search engine
  • The ability to predict future Google PR values
  • Google PR data collection across different Google data centers
  • Analysis of HTTP headers returned by the site in response to POST, GET and HEAD requests
  • Batch check of delegated list of domains based on records in DNS
  • Ping and tracing specified websites (hosts)

The cost of a license today (July 2016) is 3840 rubles or 60 USD. e.One-time payment.